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About Us


Alvinova is the solution provider for wine producers who require a smart combination of quality packaging and cost-effective supply solution. We deliver glass containers from more than 10 selected manufacturers on the CIS market, specifically in Russia, running a complete cycle of quality control, rendering point-to-point logistics. Our strong domestic connections allow us to deliver a competitive value.

"AlviSmart" facilitates customers to communicate the request and obtain the expected result. We focus on the European wine market whilst operating throughout the globe. We eliminate the cross-cultural, communicational and logistics barriers. Our expertise allows wineries to access high quality products with reduced investment of both - the capital and the effort.

Alvinova — wine producers' preferred partner.



Our business process is ECO-friendly.

  • We cooperate with glass manufacturers following waste treatment and waste optimized production cycle
  • We strive to decrease CO2 emission controlling travel and work activities of our employees
  • We plant a tree with every new partnership we start


If you are looking for career opportunities in a dynamically developing company that employs modern business technologies and you answer YES to the following points:

  • Think clearly
  • Act dynamically
  • Behave with integrity

Alvinova is your choice. Please, send your application to careers@alvinova.com



AlviSmart is the business process control system developed by Alvinova. It provides a customer with an easy selection of the required glass bottle configuration. Full transparency on all stages the order is processed and turn-key logistics solution to receive goods at the door with no import activities.

AlviSmart – makes it easy!

  • Сomplete product catalogue including technical specifications
  • Enquire using a product reference number
  • Assigned customer ID allows to monitor the order
  • End-control quality cerificate
  • Goods delivered "to the door"

3Q - Quality-Quantity-Qualification

  • Quality controls on every production stage
  • Operate in accordance with the required local and international standards
  • On-site end-control before the order is shipped
  • Minimum orders equal to 1 standard truck
  • Continuously developing expertise and competence




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Coming soon



From where do I receive my bottle?

The bottle is produced in Russia by leading national glassworks.

Does the bottle conform to market standards?

Yes, we continuously follow local and international regulations and place our orders to the glassworks that comply.

Why do I have to trust the quality is high?

We solely cooperate with the producers certified by multinational companies (purchasers of beer, other alcohol, non-alcohol glass containers).

Why ALVINOVA's offer is competitive?

We completely control the production cost and overheads. Our logistics and distribution system allows to reduce the overall cost.

Can I buy directly from the Russian glasswork?

Yes but you bear the following risks: customs formalities, logistics, end-control quality checks, price.

Do I have to import the bottle to my country?

No, we take care of all customs formalities and deliver the order to your door.

Can I reduce my cost if I buy EXW in Russia?

No, as the unique logistics system is one of the key elements making our offer competitive.

Can I pay in my national currency?

Yes, you choose the currency convenient for you.

To whom I communicate my needs?

You are in touch with your account manager. However, Alvinova's team is always at your disposal.